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General Statement

The City of Kyle's Planning and Zoning Commission is comprised of volunteer members asked to perform certain duties as needed and required by the City Charter. As a member of the City of Kyle Planning and Zoning, you'll be asked to adhere to the same core values as city employees. These Core Values are as follows:

  • Knowledge: Knowledgeable in all aspects of job and City operations; maintains high quality of work; follows health and safety guidelines.
  • Yes Attitude: Demonstrates superior customer service; treats other employees and citizens with kindness; promotes goodwill; solves conflict with tact.
  • Leading Edge: Continually looking for areas to improve upon; decisive and adaptive; supports new ideas; a driver for change. Innovative.
  • Employee Accountability: Actively seeks and gives performance feedback in order to determine developmental opportunities; uses feedback as an opportunity for continuous improvement.

These Core Values are the cornerstones of what makes Kyle a unique and desired place to live, raise families, and grow businesses and are an essential requirement for working and serving the residents, visitors, and business owners in the city.


The Planning and Zoning Commission consists of seven (7) volunteers who have been city residents for no less than six (6) months and have a current voter registration. The members are appointed by the City Council to each serve two-year, staggered terms. The Planning and Zoning Commission meets typically on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Meetings are usually held in the Kyle City Hall, but may be moved in date, time and location as deemed necessary by the commission.

In making appointments to the Commission, the Council seeks to ensure broad representation and expertise among the membership. The city's Core Values, stated and explained above, provide guidance toward the expected qualifications to serve.

Purpose of the Commission:

  • Reviews and makes recommendations on the zoning of land;
  • Approves or disapproves plats of proposed subdivisions
  • Helps to amend the comprehensive plan for the physical development of the city, and recommends the comprehensive plan to the council for approval.
  • Drafts rules and regulations governing platting and subdividing of land and recommends them to the city council for adoption;
  • Drafts rules and regulations regarding zoning;

The planning and zoning commission is charged with the duty and invested with the authority to act as follows:

(1) Request the city manager to cause an inspection and report to the planning and zoning commission to be made of any property; view and observe any property; and, with the owner's consent, inspect property and premises at reasonable hours, when required to discharge its responsibilities under the laws of the state and of the city;

(2) Review, monitor, oversee, and make recommendations to the city manager and the city council for adoption a comprehensive plan for the orderly growth and development of the city and its environs, and from time to time recommend such changes in the plan as it finds will facilitate the movement of people and goods, and the health, recreation, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the city;

(3) Review, monitor, oversee and make recommendation(s) for a zoning plan as may be deemed best to carry out the goals of the comprehensive plan; hold public hearings and make recommendations to the city manager and the city council relating to the creation, amendment, and implementation of zoning regulations and districts as provided by the City Charter;

(4) Exercise all the powers of the commission as to approval or disapproval of plans, plats, or replats and vacations of plans, plats or replats, as provided for in chapter 41, subdivision and V.T.C.A., Local Government Code 212.001 et seq.;

(5) Study and make recommendations on the location, extension, planning, vacating, and closing of public rights-of-way, parks, and other public places, as requested by the city manager or the city council;

(6) Study and make recommendations concerning the capital improvements program, including the design, construction and general location of public buildings, bridges, viaducts, street fixtures, and other structures and appurtenances; and make recommendations on the design or alteration and on the location or relocation of works of art which become city property;

(7) Initiate, in the name of the city as requested by the city manager or the city council, proposals for the opening, vacating, or closing of public rights-of-way, parks, or other public places; the original zoning of annexed areas; and for the change of zoning district boundaries on an area-wide basis;

(8) Review, monitor, oversee, and make recommendations to the city council and city manager, policies and regulations consistent with the adopted comprehensive plan governing the location and/or operation of utilities, public facilities, and services owned or under the control of the city;

(9) As requested by the city council or the city manager, review and make recommendations concerning annexation of land into the city;

(10) Keep itself informed with references to the progress of urban planning in the United States and other countries and recommend improvements in the adopted plans of the city;

(11) Exercise the authority and perform the duties provided by state law and the City Charter to be exercised and performed by a city planning or a city zoning commission;

(12) Submit an annual report to the city manager and council each October that summarizes its activities, major accomplishments for the past year, and a proposed work program for the coming year. The report shall contain the attendance record of all members and the identity of commission officers for the following year.

  • Further, the city seeks candidates who exemplify the professionalism and character established in the Kyle's mission statement --KYLE (Knowledge, Yes Attitude, Leading Edge, Employee Accountability both in their personal life and while representing the city.
  • Applicants need not work in the real estate development field, but prior understanding of the planning, zoning, and development process is preferred.
  • Successful candidates will be able to attend all standing meetings.
  • Prior experience on Boards and Commissions not required, but will be considered.
  • Candidates should not co-mingle personal business interest(s) which could create a conflict of interest to the Commission's proceedings.

City of Kyle - Boards and Commissions Volunteers and Internships
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